Hors D’Oeuvres – Hot

French fries & Sweet Potato fries served with sweet Chilli
Vegetable Egg Rolls with a Plum dipping Sauce
Oriental steamed Chicken or Vegetarian dim Sum with a Hoi sin Sauce, served in steamer Baskets
Chicken Satay with a Szechuan sauce
Mini Potato Knishes with an Apricot Marmalade
Mini Wieners in a Blanket with Deli Mustard
Spicy Asian infused Meat balls
Charred spicy beef with Thai dipping sauce
Mini beef Sliders with Caramelized onions
Oval Japanese Eggplant crisps topped with Onion confi
Julienne Vegetable Medley in a Mini Crepe tied with leeks
California Sushi Roll (Avocado & Shitake Mushroom) with Soya Sauce & pickled Ginger
Asian Fish Croquettes on an Oriental spoon with a Lemon Caper Aioli
Sundried Tomato tartlet with fresh Basil & a balsamic glaze
Mini Crudités Bouquets in savoury dip, presented in shooter glasses
Mini Breaded Ravioli in a Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce with Bamboo Fork
Mini Polenta bites, topped with a Mushroom Fricassee
Assorted Phyllo Triangles filled with Spinach, Leek & roasted Garlic
Chicken spring Rolls served with a sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce
Mini Potato Latke with Maple pear compote
Curry Beef Samosas with Coriander Chutney
Moroccan Cigars
Tartlet with roasted Butternut Squash, Apple & Caramelized pecans
Salmon Tartar on a Sushi round
Phyllo Tartlets with Gravlox & an Olive Oil Caper Tapenade
Crispy Sushi Pizza topped with cured smoked Salmon & Wasabi Mango drizzle
Lamb Corndog Lollypop with charred tomato ketchup
Phyllo pouch with spinach & herbed Toffutti
Beef Carpaccio on a mini Potato pancake with an Orange marmalade
Mini Beef Empanadas with a spicy Tomato Salsa
Mini Falafel on Pita with a Humus Techina Spread
Lamb Kafta skewer with a roasted Garlic Tahini & Coriander
Duck Confi in a Spinach Phyllo Cup with Orange Marmalade
Fish & Chips with a Chipotle aioli, served in a cone
Tuna Tartar in a Chilli Citrus dipping sauce, served in a wonton bite
Pin wheel Chicken with Spinach & Mushrooms on Oriental sticks
Seared Beef with Asian vegetables in a Rice Paper roll
BBQ’d Duck a l’Orange in a mini rolled rice crepe
Seared Sea bass topped with sautéed Enuki Mushrooms, served on an Oriental Spoon


Green leaf Salad with lotus root and Enoki mushrooms accompanied with a hot oriental spring roll
Fresh Green Mix, garnished with strawberries, Mango & candied Almonds
Fresh Garden salad, topped with teardrop tomatoes, carrot & beet threads, tossed in an herbed vinaigrette dressing
Grilled White Asparagus, house pickled Roasted Peppers, marinated Petit Pan Squash on a Bed of curly leaf, arugula, frieze, served with a Shallot Vinaigrette Dressing
Heirloom Tomato Salad with a basil Vinaigrette: Tri colour tomatoes, Purple onions, Radicchio, Baby Spinach, Romaine Hearts, Purple Basil leaves
Seared salmon topped with assorted seedlings, on a bed of Roquette and curly red leaf lettuce, house pickled Mushrooms & mini roasted Beets
Salad & Soup duo: watercress with Cherry tomatoes, Cucumber, carrot ribbons drizzled with a red wine balsamic vinaigrette & a chilled Gezpaccio in a shooter glass
Maple Miso Salmon with a maple and olive oil glaze accompanied with tomato mango salsa
Oven baked Halibut topped with roasted almond & Coconut, served with spinach and onion ravioli
Duck confi with roasted garlic Crostini accompanied with mixed Greens & sliced roasted pears
Pan seared cod on a Bed of creamed cauliflower & parsnip and an Edamame Medley
Kattafi wrapped Salmon fillet with Apple and Zucchini slaw, accompanied with a chilled cauliflower Vichois Soup
Fillet of seared Rainbow trout, scored with a maple glaze, crispy leeks and a Mango, Tomato, Cucumber Salsa
Julienne of grilled Chicken breast on a mound of organic greens, topped with Lotus chips & caramelized plums and Apricots & a Sherry vinaigrette dressing

Trio Appetizers

Medallion of Rainbow trout with a Salad bouquet on a Banana Leaves
Tilapia and Enuki mushroom rice paper roll, crispy carrot & beet threads accompanied with baby & greens with a pomegranate vinaigrette
Roasted baby lamb chop, couscous stuffed fig and a stack of grilled ratatouille


Roasted citrus herbed Chicken leg coated with crispy corn flour
Chef Frank’s grilled Chicken Supreme with a Cabernet jus
Breast of chicken, stuffed with Chicken Liver & Mash Potato
Grilled Chicken with an apricot Chutney Glaze
Chicken Scaloppini in Pinot Grigio reduction with king oyster mushrooms
Panco & Pecan crusted Chicken Cutlet with an Orange Ginger Drizzle
Butter fly Cornish Hen with herbed Lemon marinate and a Kumquat glaze
Pistachio crusted Chicken supreme with a Chardonnay reduction
Chef Igor’s Chicken Ballantine, rolled boneless Chicken leg with Spinach, Mushroom & Leeks
Chicken & Roast Beef Medallion served with beef Jus or wild Mushrooms
Chicken & braised Short Ribs
Mustard & Horse Radish Crusted Prime Roast Beef topped with Shitake Mushrooms
Grilled 12 oz Veal chop, marinated with fresh herbs & Chardonnay
Roasted Veal Medallion, stuffed with roasted garlic & sun dried tomatoes
Grilled Rib steak with crispy fried leek threads
Grilled Lamb Chops in a herbed & caramelized Onion crust

Side Dishes

Herbed Roasted Mini Red Potatoes in skins
Roasted Parisian Potatoes with Rosemary
Oven baked Potato & Sweet Potato Medley
Wild Rice Confetti Rice, Wild Rice with Cranberries, red & yellow Peppers
Israeli tricolour Couscous with Cranberries & sautéed Peppers
Julienne cut roasted Root Vegetables Sweet Potato, Parsnip, Beets & Carrots
Fresh Garden grilled Vegetable Medley
Red & Yellow peppers, Zucchini, Mushrooms & red Onions, grilled to perfection
Oven baked three colour mini Peppers with olive oil & roasted Garlic
Yukon Gold mash on a roasted sweet Potato Round
Trio mixed Potato stack Sweet, purple & Yukon gold potatoes
White Asparagus, accompanied with Edamame, Fava Beans, French Beans & Sugar snaps
Baby Bokchoi, Julienne of Peppers & sweet Snow Peas
Italian Ratatouille boat: Italian sliced Eggplant filled with roasted zucchini, eggplant & tomato
Pear shaped fluffy breaded Potatoes
Spring Roll filled with a purple Potato mash
Medley of roasted Fingerling, Yukon & Sweet Potato
Couscous Latke Pan seared Couscous with Toffutti Cream Cheese, Sautéed Peppers & chives
Honey roasted red, yellow & orange stemmed Carrots
Vegetable bundle: French cut green beans, yellow beans & red pepper in a leek wrapped ribbon