Hi Naomi, 
I just wanted to let you know that before we even had a chance to sit down to our delicious dinner, my Dad sent us a message that read “Best. Steak. Ever.” and my brother-in-law wrote that it was “one of the best steaks he has ever had”. After sitting down to eat, I can easily say that both Jamie and I wholeheartedly agree. We never expected our take home meals to be even close to as good as they turned out. Thank you for adding to our very special day. 
D. & J.
January 11 2021



 I just wanted to send a quick email to let you that the food we ordered for this past Shabbat was excellent!  It was not only delicious but the packing that it was delivered in was organized and the food presentation was exceptional. 

 Thank you. 


January 10 2021



Hi Naomi,

Everything looks so fresh and delicious. Wishing you all a very good shabbos.


January 8 2021


Good morning! Food just came. I’m blown away. It’s gorgeous.  Can’t wait to sample everything. Have a beautiful peaceful shabbos. (before shabbos)

Gut voch!  We had such a yummy shabbos, thanks to you.  It was presented beautifully, plentiful and most of all delicious.   Thank you for giving me a much needed staycation!  Hope to do it again in the future.  Thank you again!  (after shabbos)


January 8/9 2021


Dear Naomi,

G-d bless Menchens! That’s what we say when we sit down to review your menu and place our order.

Everything is delicious, packaged beautifully and fresh.

We look forward to the Friday delivery as we appreciate how it will enhance our Shabbos.

We consider your menu our special Shabbos treat during these difficult COVID times.

Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Vivian and Lewis Dubrofsky

January 5 2021
Hi Naomi,

Wanted to let you know our Shabbos meal was so delicious.  Thanks so much!!



January 3 2021


Hi Naomi,

I just wanted to thank you, the meal was superb!
Thanks so much,

January 3 2021
Thank you for the delicious meal for Shabbos!!!
It was a real TREAT for us and we so much enjoyed the beautiful and most appetizing presentation and  the gourmet upscale  meal!!!
December 28 2020
We so enjoyed the charcuterie platter! A real treat! Shabbat shalom!
December 27 2020



Thank you very much for accommodating our request for Shiva meals this Shabbat

The food was very good and arrived in good time.

We appreciate it.

D. & H. B.

December 27 2020

Thank you for the delicious and plentiful dishes you sent us. We enjoyed them very much.


December 27 2020

Wow wow wow .. your Shabbos meals were outstanding … beautifully packaged .. with clear heating instructions .. delicious and all so fresh .. your deli meats On the charcuterie board were outstanding … best in town !! I will be ordering them again ! 
R. R. 
December 26 2020
Thanks so much for the yummy delicious dinner! We felt like we were eating out in the best restaurant! It was packaged so nicely! 
December 23 2020
your food is scrumptious. We appreciate all the effort it takes to produce excellent quality, taste, presentation and packaging. It’s a real Shabbat treat. 
Hope you enjoy the remainder of Chanukah and that you all stay well.
Best, M.R.
December 15 2020

The charcuterie board is the best thing you’ve had on the menu – my boys loved it!

We will order it more often if you make It a regular – combined with the cholent/kugel, it was a great lunch on Shabbat!

J. G.

December 14 2020


Hi Naomi,

Chag sameach.  

We ordered the charcuterie board, Chanukah platter and a couple of chicken orders for Shabbat.  I wanted to tell you the presentation for the charcuterie was beautiful and all the food was delicious.  We feasted and enjoyed very much.  I hope you are getting a positive response to the Shabbat offerings.  

Be well and stay safe,

A. S.



December 13 2020


Hi Naomi
I just wanted to thank you and tell you how beautiful your foods and presentation
Happy Chanukah and Good Shabbos.
All the best and be well
December 11 2020
Last week was excellent from delivery to dessert! Thank you
December 6 2020
Thanks for the delicious prepared foods.
They enhanced our shabbos table.
Nicely prepared and packaged. And tasty.
November 30 2020
Thank you again for the dinner last Shabbat.  I wanted to let you know that it was excellent. I wish I knew how you keep the chicken breast so moist and tender.
My daughter-in-law, A . R. , ordered the brisket and they were pleased as well.
And thank you for offering these meals.  They make Shabbat dinner for 2 during this strange time so much easier to manage.
t. w.
November 23 2020



Hi Naomi,
Thanks so much for a wonderful Shabbos dinner. It was beautifully packaged and presented with clear instructions. The food was delicious and plentiful and we really enjoyed!


November 16 2020




Naomi ,

THANK YOU! Our family and friends had nothing but compliments for the delicious breakfast – we are thrilled! The meal was delicious. Thank you for making the entire process easy. It was lovely working with you.

With appreciation,

November 12 2020
Shevuah tov Naomi
As usual your food was delicious last week.
A special mention for the duck. It was mouth watering! 
Thank you for our ‘night out’ at home.
Have a good healthy week!
J. D.
November 9 2020

Hi Mrs. Rosenblatt,

Just want to tell you the food we ordered was all so fresh, delicious and perfectly cooked!! It’s always such a treat to have Menchens!

All the best,
E. R.

November 7 2020
All the food was delicious as always!!! Thank you!
November 2 2020
Shavua tov.
Just before noon on Friday we pulled up to Shaarei Shomayim to pick up our pre-ordered meals for Friday night.
We ordered four separate Shabbat meals for ourselves and our three married children.
I’m writing to tell you the reviews could not be more positive!
The meals were cleverly packaged; the portions were extremely generous and the food was simply delicious.
Thank you so much for making it easy and affordable to treat our children to Shabbat dinner, albeit at a distance.
Yasher Kochachem to the entire staff at Menchens Catering for a job well done!
October 24 2020


We wanted to thank you for your wonderful catering over the holiday! The portions were very generous and the food was delicious!




I find your food amazing and your service great and I may never cook shabbos again.




It is the first time that I have ordered from you people and I have just picked up my order. Want to say thank you very very much firstly for the complementary soup and secondly for the beautiful presentation. Everything looks delicious and we cannot wait to eat it.

Thank you very much and have a good weekend





Hi whatever I ordered was delicious thank you!





Just want to tell you- everything we ordered for first



Thank you so much!






First of all, thank you for the ease and convenience of ordering. We have truly enjoyed our meals in each order.

Thank you once again for your great customer service,






Many thanks for your Rosh Hashanah/Shabbat Dinner

It was more than fabulous and very delicious.

Will order again soon






Hi Naomi,

We enjoyed our Shabbos meal very much.






I want to thank you. The food was excellent.

I will order again this week.

Thank you.






Just wanted to say thanks for an excellent Shabbat dinner we ordered (again) on Friday July 24.

Plentiful, tasty and a treat to have for Shabbat.

The pick up was quick and courteous.

So, all in all a very positive experience.

It’s great to be treated by a “mensch!”





My friend just told me about your delicious Shabbat dinner and Shabbat plus.




I received your email regarding the complimentary bulgogi with knoyaki noodles for people who placed an order over Rosh Hashana. Thank you very much for this and for the taste and quality and quantity of the food in general. We have been enjoying it.





Hi Moishy. All the shabbos food was delicious.





The food was delicious and made our Yom Tov very enjoyable. Thank you very much.




We’re really looking forward to trying Menchens for Shabbos! Heard amazing things,

Take good care,




Thanks so much – everything was great .We will be ordering again.

On a personal note, that was the best Chulent I have ever had! I also received many compliments from my guests who had Chulent wanting to know who catered it!

Thanks and Shanah Tova!!!




We have really been enjoying the Shabbos meals tremendously. The menus, packaging, service and quality has been amazing.






Just wanted to let you know that the prepared food for Shabbat was delicious.  Looking forward to this coming Shabbat!

Thank you.





Hi, We enjoyed the brisket even though I usually don’t eat red meat and also the rest of your meal on Rosh Hashana and that is why you received business from our friends for the first days of Succot. M.G. reported that she also enjoyed it and hopes to order from you again.  



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